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With the sudden tidal wave of PPE that has flooded the market, it can be hard to tell what's a good deal or even a real deal. That's why we wanted to reassure you and your clients that the 3 Ply Masks that you purchase from Nathan+Philip are of the highest quality and in-stock and ready to ship from our office in Philadelphia and Miami.

Why choose our 3 Ply Masks?

  • No Delays: As of today (5/27/20) there are 147,000 masks in inventory in Philadelphia - ready to ship
  • They come packaged in handy 10 count packages, which are sterile and easy to handout to individuals or in bulk 50 pack.
  • They are manufactured in an FDA approved facility and we offer 3rd party testing verification to ensure their quality
  • If you have payment terms with Nathan+Philip, we will honor those terms for purchases
Interested in supplying your customers with high quality 3 Ply masks?
Contact us at and a helpful sales representative will assist you with your order!

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