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Alicante Copper Paella Pan

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  • Handcrafted from 100% recycled copper
  • 2 mm thick hammered copper
  • Traditional hot-tinned interior for long-lasting, non-reactive cooking surface.
  • 12" pan serves 4 adults
  • 15" pan serves 6-8 adults
  • 18" pan serves 10-12+ adults

The Alicante Paella Pans combine the unsurpassed quality of traditional craft with the beauty of modern design in the warm glow of the heavy gauge hammered copper and the hot-tinned interior for professional cooking performance or dazzling displays.

When you wash copper with mild soap and water, it naturally develops a beautiful patina. Want to get it back to its original shine? Just scrub with vinegar and salt, or even ketchup. Afterwards, rinse your copper goods with mild soap and water and then towel dry to prevent spotting.

Usually ships in 2-4 days

Care: The pieces should be washed with soap and water, using the soft side of the sponge, and dried with a clean dishtowel (versus drip drying). If there is any food that is stuck on the piece, we recommend pouring in some water with soap and letting it simmer a bit on the stove. You can use a wooden spatula or spoon to loosen any food that is stuck. We do not recommend using any abrasive scouring pad on the inside of the piece as it can damage the tin lining on the inside, although a natural bristle brush can be used as well.