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Mushroom Style Outdoor Heater, Plantation Prestige, 2244-01 Stainless Steel

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    Plantation Prestige

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    Outdoor Furniture


Introducing the Plantation Prestige Outdoor Mushroom Style Heater - the perfect blend of style, functionality, and durability for your outdoor space! Elevate your gatherings with this premium commercial-grade heater, meticulously crafted to bring warmth and sophistication to any setting.

Key Features:

  • Impressive Design: Standing at a majestic 87" tall, our mushroom outdoor heater is a striking addition to your outdoor decor. The stainless steel finish adds a touch of elegance, making it a focal point in any environment.

  • Powerful Performance: With a robust 48,000 BTU output, this portable propane heater ensures a cozy and inviting atmosphere, keeping you and your guests comfortable in cooler evenings. (Propane tank not included)

  • Safety First: The electronic ignition and safety shut-off valve guarantee a hassle-free start and reliable operation. The shatter-resistant borosilicate glass and protective, safe-to-touch grill add an extra layer of safety for peace of mind.

  • Commercial-Grade Quality: Crafted with the highest grade of steel and commercially rated parts, Plantation Prestige heaters are designed for commercial use, setting them apart from retail alternatives. Enjoy the durability and longevity that comes with our commitment to quality.

  • Warranty Assurance: Unlike some retail outlets, our heaters come with a 1-year limited burner warranty, reflecting our confidence in the product's durability and performance.

  • Energy-Efficient: Our heaters are not only powerful but also environmentally conscious. They consume less energy than comparable units, providing warmth without compromising on efficiency.

Make a statement with the Plantation Prestige Outdoor Mushroom Heater – where style meets functionality, and quality is paramount. Transform your outdoor space into a warm and inviting haven with this exceptional addition.